Carlos I

Carlos I


Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva

Elaboration process:

The history of Carlos I dates back to 1889 when, in the city of Jerez, a master wine producer found some mysterious barrels in a corner of his winery.

Neither the wine producer nor anyone else ever knew where they came from, but he immediately realized that they contained the most exquisite brandy he had ever tasted. He called it Carlos I because in its flavor he perceived the destiny of a great “conquistador”.



Its production begins with a careful selection of the finest wines made with the Airén grape, distilled using the traditional method of stills of Arab origin. It is aged in American oak casks which previously contained the most select wines from Jerez, “amontillado” and “oloroso” sherries.

Using the “Criaderas” and “Solera” system, the youngest distillates are mixed with older ones; this dynamic system encourages the evolution and association of aromas, creating an extraordinary brandy of unrivalled quality.



Serve directly in a short glass, with one or two ice cubes, add a few drops of angostura on top of the ice and macerate the orange peel using a cocktail spoon.

The aromas of the angostura bring out the brandy’s woody notes and the orange combines perfectly with the vanilla and cocoa flavors.



Organoleptic Characteristics:


Its color is deep amber, speckled with daring hints of gold


Intensely aromatic with notes of vanilla and cocoa.


It is persistent, balanced and complex in the mouth.

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