Carlos I Amontillado

Carlos I Amontillado



Elaboration process:

From its finishing in centuries-old casks, hand-selected by our Master Belender from the Solera de Amontillado La Honda, founded in 1857, Carlos I Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Amontillado is crafted. A liquid of unparalleled craftsmanship offering an indulgent f lavourful experience through the harmonious pairing of complex saline and mineral notes, interwoven with nut t y impressions, revealing a silky and elegant finish.


Perfect Serve

Enjoy Carlos I Amontillado neat. Serve 5cl in a shallow glass and prepare yourself to discover the sublime aromas of an extraordinary liquid.

Organoleptic Characteristics:


Ambar, luminous with greenish reflections.


Reminiscent of noble wood, mahogany, with salt and mineral notes, unmistakable hints of a very old amontillado, hazelnuts, walnuts and toasted chestnuts.


Both silky and dry with a clear cathedral effect reminiscent of almond and hazelnut.

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