Carlos I Pedro Ximénez

Carlos I Pedro Ximénez



Elaboration process:

From its aging in hand-selected casks from our PX Viejo Solera, founded in 1902, we have craf ted Carlos I PX Brandy Solera Gran Reserva. This brandy takes you on a sensorial journey through fine fruity aromas, inter twined with elegant sweet hint s of roasted cocoa and licorice, imparted from these unique casks which previously contained the most pr ized Osborne’s Pedro Ximénez for more than one hundred years.


Perfect Serve

Enjoy Carlos I PX neat. Serve 5cl in a shallow glass and prepare yourself to discover the sublime aromas of an extraordinary liquid.

Organoleptic Characteristics:


Deep amber with reddish gleams.


Caramelized oak notes and sweet hints of roasted cocoa and licorice, all in beautiful harmony with raisins, figs and dates imparted from the PX Viejo Solera.


Velvety, with hints of caramelized oak and reminiscences of raisins in a seemingly unending finish.

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