Veterano 8

Veterano 8



Elaboration process:

Production process:

A spirit produced by Bodegas Osborne, whose production and ageing process, which takes place in Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), is characterized by a special, careful blend of selected distillates of agricultural origin and the fine bouquet provided by the traditional production practices. These consist of partial ageing in American oak casks previously seasoned with “oloroso” wines from Jerez, following the traditional ageing system known as “Criaderas y Soleras”.


Average Age:

2 months

Alcohol content:


Organoleptic Characteristics:


Mahogany color, shiny, transparent, bright.


Vinous, gentle, harmonious, with a note of plum.


Gentle, unctuous palate, persistent, with a slight medium-sweet flavor.


As a general rule, in well-ventilated places, away from sources of heat. This drink improves in the bottle. Over time a slight cloudiness or precipitation may appear; this is the result of the insolubility of some of the natural components, extracted from the wood, during the ageing process. If this occurs, it is sufficient to decant it before drinking.


100c!. x 12, lOOcl. x 6, 35cl. x 24, 5cl. x 50.

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