Carlos I 1520

Carlos I 1520


Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva


Brandy de Jerez y otros Espirituosos

Elaboration process:

This unique brandy, hand-crafted by our Master Blender, originates from the exquisite fusion of centuries-old Soleras from Osborne´s private reserve, an irreplaceable heritage of immense value.

Carlos I 1520, masterfully blends flavours and nuances of the Solera Gran Reserva Carlos I, Gran Reserva MD and Gran Reserva Gran Capitán, revealing a Brandy de Jerez of incomparable elegance and delicacy, with intense aromas of very old woods and fine spicy notes.

This limited small batch Brandy Solera Gran Reserva created by Master Blender Ignacio Lozano show cases the innovative spirit and craft of Osborne and Carlos I, summing up all our brandy-making skill in one unique product.

Alcohol content:


Organoleptic Characteristics:


Dark dense mahogany color, greenish reflections.


Very intense and complex. The first impression is of the vibran told darkwood notes from the extremely old Soleras, these evolve into dried fruit and slightly spicy notes.


Sipping the blend, the profile is dry confirming the presence of very old woodand spices, together with dried fruits. These myriad flavours swirl around the palate in an everlasting finish.


70 cl

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