Cachaça Salinissima

Cachaça Salinissima


Cachaça. Aged type.

Elaboration process:

Brazil. Produced in Salinas, Minas Gerais. Salinas is one of the regions most famous for producing excellent cachaças, especially those aged in balm. From 2012, Salinas received the recognition of Geographical Indication guaranteeing the excellent provenance of the product. It was the second region in Brazil to receive the official recognition of indication of original cachaça after Parati in Río de Janeiro.

Traditional artisanal Cachaça, prepared in a sugar mill (engenho) that has been producing cachaças since 1955. Its preparation process is entirely artisanal and the manner used for ageing is balm – a traditional Brazilian wood that provides the drink with originality, unique attributes and specific flavours.

Alcohol content:


Organoleptic Characteristics:


Slightly golden


It has a woody aroma


It has a gentle, soft and woody flavour


As a general rule, in well ventilated places away from sources of heat.


60cl x 12 (amber bottle) 67c lx 12 (transparent bottle)

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