Xantiamén Aguardiente Orujo

Xantiamén Aguardiente Orujo


Spirit drink obtained from the combination of marc spirits (“orujo”) and wine spirits.



Elaboration process:

Production process:

Spirit drink obtained from a special and careful blend of marc spirits (“orujo”) and wine spirits. Both spirits have been obtained from grape residue and selected wines, distilled using traditional methods.

How to drink:

The traditional way of drinking is in a shot glass, ideally frozen, although it is also delicious in a long glass or stem glass, served with ice. It can also be added to coffee, or mixed with a few drops of gin…Best served at a temperature between 8 and 10ºC; at higher temperatures, it is difficult to enjoy its aromatic sensations.

Because of its digestive properties, it is ideal to drink after meals, although it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Alcohol content:


Organoleptic Characteristics:


Transparent, colorless, shiny


Great intensity of aroma, in which the characteristic notes of the marc spirit blended with the vinous notes from the wine spirit form a harmonious whole. Slight notes of ripe fruit


Dry, fine, with rounded edges. Very balanced alcohols. Retronasal persistence, with slight notes of fruit.


As a general rule, in well-ventilated places, away from sources of heat


70cl. x 6.

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