Xantiamén Crema de Orujo

Xantiamén Crema de Orujo


Spirit obtained from the combination of marc spirit (“orujo”), ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin and dairy products.


Cream spirit drink.

Elaboration process:

Production process:

Spirit drink obtained from the mixture of milk cream, a cream-based formula, sugars and 48.0º proof marc spirit.


How to drink:

Principally served very cold, preferably in a frozen shot glass or a stem glass with ice. The ideal serving temperature is 8-10ºC.

An after-dinner drink which can be drunk on its own or with a dash in our coffee to make “carajillo”. It is also very tasty as a cocktail ingredient. Do not mix with citric drinks.

Alcohol content:


Organoleptic Characteristics:


Color characteristic of cream, with toasted tones. Very dense.


Great intensity of aroma, in which the harmonious combination of marc spirit and dairy notes is prominent. Gentle notes of chocolate and caramel.


Smooth, creamy, complex, hints of marc spirit combined with chocolate and cream. Very enjoyable and persistent aftertaste.


As a general rule, in well-ventilated places, away from sources of heat. Once opened, drink within 6 months.


70cl.x6 cl.

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