Xantiamén Limonciño

Xantiamén Limonciño


Spirit made from distillates of lemon peel.



Elaboration process:

Production process:

Made from distillates of lemon peel and a careful selection of raw materials. The distillation systems used allow the most subtle and genuine aromas of the fruit to be extracted, giving the drink the pleasant taste of this delightful citrus fruit.


How to drink:

Principally served very cold, preferably in a frozen shot glass or a stem glass with ice. The ideal serving temperature is 8-10ºC.Its light, refreshing flavor, with a hint of citrus, makes it an ideal drink after meals, or as an aperitif. It can also be used in confectionery, to aromatize pastes, fillings, sorbets and jellies.


Alcohol content:


Organoleptic Characteristics:


Yellow color, slightly cloudy. Dense.


.Great intensity of aroma, in which the notes of lemon peel are particularly prominent.


Smooth, very dense and complex, slight bitter notes of lemon peel, balanced with the acidity and the sweetness.


As a general rule, in well-ventilated places, away from sources of heat.

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