Osborne commissions the designer Manolo Prieto to create an advertising campaign for its Veterano brand. The design’s success and Osborne’s commitment are so great that Spain's roadside landscapes are soon dotted with strategically positioned bulls.


The artist Keith Haring creates a unique design of the Osborne Bull. He begins a trend for reinterpreting the Osborne Bull which is picked up by artists and celebrities worldwide, and which is ongoing today.


Roadside advertising is prohibited and all the advertising hoardings have to be removed.


An unprecedented popular movement leads the Supreme Court to issue a ruling “pardoning” the Osborne Bull, because of its undeniable social, cultural and artistic interest. According to the ruling, the Osborne Bull “has gone beyond its initial advertising purpose and has become part of the landscape”.


The Osborne Bull is now admired worldwide and is, without doubt, the most internationally recognized symbol of Spain.

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The TORO brand

Osborne has a great variety of premium articles designed using the TORO brand.

TORO products are sought-after by the millions of tourists who visit Spain and by Spanish people who love the “Toro de Osborne” brand.

The collection of “Toro de Osborne” products can be purchased in the official brand stores.

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