Oloroso Solera BC 200: Solera de 1864

Oloroso Solera BC 200: Solera de 1864


The Osborne family takes great pride in their Rare Collection, not only because they have passionately cared for them during many decades, but also because every drop encloses their heritage and tradition. As a result of this strong, long-term record in sherry winemaking and respect for the land, Bodegas Osborne has been able to preserve some very old soleras, originally intended for the family’s consumption on rare occasions. Not long ago, the family decided to share these wines with wine lovers around the world, releasing a selection in extremely limited quantities. BC 200 is one of the oldest soleras at Bodegas Osborne. It was created in 1864 and was initially named ABC,  ince the solera was divided into three sub-soleras, each named after a letter. For reasons unknown, around 1888 a whole solera was sent to the Imperial Court in St. Petesburg (A) for the Russian tsars - the single clients of this wine. Since then, only the soleras B and C remain at the winery, thus the name of the wine. There is no definite  register of where the number 200 comes from, although it is most probably a reference to the number of butts that originally composed this solera.


Denomination: D.O. Jerez-Xérés-Sherry and Manzanilla – Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Area of production: El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz

Type of wine: Oloroso

Grape variety: Palomino and Pedro Ximénez.

Average Age: 40 years.

Year the “Solera” (original vintage) was founded: 1864



This Solera has aged so well and is so remarkably complex and seductive due to the coageing of PX with Palomino (now disallowed by the Regulatory Council) more than 100 years ago. Aged in the traditional criaderas and soleras system for over 40 years. The entire solera consists of 40 butts divided into 5 criaderas


TASTING NOTE by Luis Gutiérrez (2013)
LOOK: A bright, dark mahoganycolored wine.
AROMA & PALATE: The complex nose is one of a kind, with strong aromatics, rosemary and thyme covering the roasted hazelnuts, bitter oranges, noble woods and curry. The medium-to full-bodied palate shows a very spicy, smoky wine with hints of coffee, layered, intense, more subtle than 'in your face' and very complex. 
SERVING & FOOD PAIRING The rich profile of this wine pairs perfectly with game roasts and aged cheese. A fantastic combination with roasted nuts or as a match to nut-based desserts like turrón.

Best enjoyed at 12-16ºC / 60ºF.


Alcohol (º): 22± 0.8
pH: 3.2 ± 0.3
Total acidity (g/L): 6 ± 2
Volatile acidity (g/L): < 1.2
Residual sugar (g/L): 12 ± 5


95pt · Guía Peñín (2018)
93pt · Wine Spectator (2014)
93pt RP · Wine Advocate (2013)

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